The cryptic silence of the night
Echoes of a surreal harmony so strong.
With dragonflies hovering around in the distance,
In the depths of an unfamiliar retreat.
As though the heavy breathing of the sleeping mountains
Might get disrupted by the deafening silence
This moonless night.

Magic runs down this landscape
And stands still
Embodied in ethereal dew drops
Patiently settled onto dainty leaves.

The air rings with a contrivance,
That lies undiscovered yet.
The far realms of the velvety sky
Hold witness to this inexplicable silence
Permeated with a profound history
Now hidden in the obscure depths of time.


When hunger strikes
And Adrenaline hikes,
Its time to slow down
Let the temptation drown.

My poetic sensibility wishes to step out
With anger and hunger ready to shout,
Are these words willingly pouring out?

Famished I stand,
Heart-wrenching syllables leaking out
Topsy-turvy, helter-skelter,
Words drip through me

Famished I stand
Temptation overpowered.


I left a few words

Blowing in the air…

In the hope of reaching someone.Somewhere.

Within me are born

A million expressions

Encumbering the flow of dreamy obliviousness.

I hid a few words in my pocket

Some I swallowed

Others were inhaled.

In dubious righteousness

I succumbed to the building force inside..

Rattling, banging, vying with each other-

These words.

They seek an outlet

Through my gestures..

Uncertain strokes of paint

Mask the urge to let those words


Every now and then,

I leave a part of me

Blowing in the air..

In the hope that it reaches someone.Somewhere.
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The Road To The Unknown

A star-lit horizon***

Is a duper after all.

Each sluggish step towards

An ineffable dream…

Each hopeless endeavor

Entailing a million heartbeats,

Echoes of a grotesqueness

So stark.

An inexplicable force

Is a prerequisite hindrance.

I still walk


Motionless as the air may seem,

I imagine a whiff of breeze

Stinging my skin..

Each blemish – an indicator of a strife within.

Infinity seems a step closer

But there still remains

A vast expanse to be traversed…

Before I reach for

The star-spangled sky above!!

Im A Knife Afterall

MY sharp edges offer the least consolation.

Who knows

……….I might tear open a yielding neck.

Red rivers

Of pain are sometimes a torment to my ears,

Till the time

I inhale the smell of death.

I quench my thirst

In oceans of hunger…

In hearts where solitude rests.

It pained me once-

To cut into

A pretty pair of pouting lips

Then down I went

Licking my way

Through endless dusky contours…

I circled her abdomen

In relentless pursuit

Of the one thing I most desire.

The warmth of her oozing red

Splashed my sides.

Her pale bluey flesh

Silently watched the deed being done.

I can be wicked sometimes.

But I……..also offer relief!!

Rivers of Pain

I watched my reflection in your eyes,

hasn’t it always been me in there…I thought.

Its a translucent screen that I see-

A hazy picture devoid of the essential details

that define ME.

The sadness in your eyes together with me in there….was indescribable.

The aura of charm that pervaded them earlier

had now been shattered to pieces……..

They had once been my shelter…

My abode of silence.

The woman who stared back at me today

was the real culprit. It was not me. Never me.

Estranged from myself, I sought desperately to reach back to you.

But its over now…..

Your eyes said it all.

The dark oceans of unforgettable memories

wrench my heart apart.

The hollowness of my heart today

gives way to a darker passage

that opens up to a lifeless existence…

It had once been me.

YOU and ME-

and the world was a beautiful dream.

Your eyes today look empty- darling,

they look choked..with the shadows that I’ve left behind!

Wandering Beauties

I’ve got dancing eyes

Someone just told me..

Deceptive or


They dance to the tune of life.

I perceive beauty in fragments

Fragmented beauties…. rip my heart apart.

A cohesive whole is what I desire.

Watch them wander,

Trying to encompass nothing less than an


They are more than mere eyes-

No black bubbles floating on a white horizon

Can define them.

They embody a million expressions

All revealing a part of Me.

Look closely……..

Behind their smokiness lies

The true spelling of my name!